1971     National Taiwan Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
1973     Taiwan Provincial Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
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1974     U. S. I. S. Lincoln Center, Taipei, Taiwan
1977     Lungmen Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1978     Taipei Art Guild, Taipei, Taiwan
1979     Apollo Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1984     Asian Arts Institute, New York City
1984     Galerie Taub, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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1985     Ruth Siegel Ltd., New York City
1985     Herter Art Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts
1986     Fabian Carlsson Gallery, London
1987     Galeria Nacional de Arte Contemporaneo, Museo de Arte Costarricense, San Jose, Costa Rica
1987     Michael Walls Gallery, New York City
1987     Betsy Rosenfield Gallery, Inc., Chicago, Illinois
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1988     Lungmen Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1989     Michael Walls Gallery, New York City
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1990     Lungmen Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1990     Gallery Triform, Taipei, Taiwan
1991     Michael Walls Gallery, New York City
1991     Great Wall Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1991     Contemporary Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1992     Contemporary Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1993     Michael Walls Gallery, New York City
1993     Contemporary Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1994     Mercer Gallery, Monroe Community College, Rochester, New York
1994     Littlejohn/Sternau Gallery, New York City
1995     J. P. Art Centre, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
1996     O'Hara Gallery, New York City
1996     York College Gallery, CUNY, New York
1996     International Art Palace, Beijing, China
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1997     O'Hara Gallery, New York City
1999     Mountain Art Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2000     Galerie Pierre, Taichung, Taiwan
2000     Taoyuan Cultural Center, Taoyuan, Taiwan
2000     Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2001     Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2003     Sejong Center Museum of Fine Art , Seoul, Korea
2003     Asian Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2004     National History Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2005     Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2006     O'Hara Gallery, New York City
2006     Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2007     National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
2008     ChinaSquare Gallery, New York City
2008     Ink Drawings: Stream of Consciousness, Red Gold Fine Art, Taipei
2009     Between Drawings and Paintings, Red Gold Fine Art, Taipei
2009     Sculpting in Time, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Chung Shan National Gallery, Taipei
2010     40 Years of Paintings, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
2011     Works On Paper, Red Gold Fine Art, Taipei
2011     Passage of Existence, Asia Art Center, Beijing
2011     Chihung Yang's Genes of Creativity, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2012     Mindscape, Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2014     Faces, New Taipei City Hall, Taipei, Taiwan; New Taipei City Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2014     The Poetics of Polyphony, Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2015     Eternal Present-Recent Paintings by Yang Chihung, Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2016     Solo at J. P. Art Center, Kaohsiung Today, Kaohsiung Harbor International Art Fair, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

1969     Contemporary Young Artists Exhibition, U. S. I. S. Lincoln Center, Taipei, Taiwan
1974     Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition, Ueno Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan
1977     10 Chinese Leading Artists, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo, Japan
1978     Contemporary Chinese Art from Taiwan, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
1978     International Exchange Exhibition of Prints, National Museum of Modem Art, Seoul, South Korea
1979     6th British International Print Biennial, Bradford Art Galleries and Museum, Bradford, England
1980     4th Miami International Print Biennial, Metropolitan Museum and Art Center, Coral Gables, Florida
1982     Summer Invitational, Susan Caldwell Inc, New York City
1982     Four Artists, SoHo Center for Visual Artists, New York City
1983     New Acquisitions and Trustee's Choice, The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield, CT
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1983     Dreams Demons Madness, Alternative Museum, New York City
1984     Rambunctious, Siegel Contemporary Art, New York City
1984     Invitational Painting Exhibition, Part II: Eight Imagist Painters, Siegel Contemporary Art, NYC
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1985     Four Painters From New York, Janet Steinberg Gallery, San Francisco, California
1985     Harvest, Ruth Siegel Ltd, New York City
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1986     Annual Juried Exhibition '86, The Queens Museum, New York City
1986     Summer Group Show, Galleri Mustad, Sweden
1987     New Work - New York, Helander Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
1988     The Shell: Design Spirit, Bergen Museum of Art and Science, Paramus, New Jersey
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1988     Classical Myth and Imagery in Contemporary Art, The Queens Museum, Flushing, New York
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1988     First Anniversary Exhibition, Michael Walls Gallery, New York City
1989     Second Anniversary Exhibition, Michael Walls Gallery, New York City
1990     The Matter At Hand; Contemporary Drawings, UWM Art Museum, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
1991     Entr'acte, Michael Walls Gallery, New York City
1991     Taipei - New York: Confrontation of Modernism, The Taipei Fine Arts Museum. Taipei. Taiwan
1991     Past Becoming Future, The Contemporary Art Gallery, Seibu, Tokyo, Japan
1992     Intimate Universe; Small-Scale Paintings By Twenty-five American Artists, Michael Walls Gallery, NYC
1993     Paper Trails; The Eidetic Image, Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois
1993     Intimate Universe, Nina Freudenheim Gallery, Buffalo, New York
1994     Isn't It Romantic? On Crosby Street, New York City
1994     To enchant (blue), Cynthia McCallister Gallery/Bixler Gallery, New York City
1994     Singapore International Art Fair, Sarina Tang Fine Art, Singapore
1994     Taipei Modem Art Exhibition, The National Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
1995     A Romantic Impulse: Seventeen American Artists, O'Hara Gallery, New York City
1995     Chinese Artists in the United States, Hong Kong Land Limited, The Rotunda, Hong Kong
1996     Taipei Modern Art Exhibition, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai, China
1996     In Full Bloom: Flower and Garden Paintings, Lizan-Tops Gallery, East Hampton, New York
1997     Intimate Universe [Revisited], Robert Steele Gallery, New York City
1997     A Thought Intercepted, California Museum of Art, Santa Rosa, California
1997     Forces of Nature, Taipei Gallery, New York City,
1997     Lizan-Tops Gallery, East Hampton, New York
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1999     Visions of Pluralism, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China; Mountain Art Museum, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2001     Fifteen Asian American Artists, Staller Center For the Arts, University at Stony Brook,
            Stony Brook, New York
2001     Rain Forest/Contemporary Paintings by International Artists, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts,
             Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2001     Taipei Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2001     Rain Forest, Taipei Gallery, Chinese Information and Culture Center, New York
2002     Rain Forest, Las Vegas Art Museum, Las Vegas
2002     Contemporary Chinese Abstraction, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China
2002     Contemporary Chinese Abstraction, SenJuing Museum of Art , Guangdong, China
2003     Vision, 456 Gallery and Cork Gallery / Lincoln Center, New York
2003     World Artist's Calligraphy Biennale, Son Arts Center of Jeollabuk-do, Korea
2003     Fifty Years of Post War Taiwanese Art, Chan Liu Art Museum, Taoyuan, Taiwan
2004     Salon Comparaisons, Espace Auteuil, Paris, France
2005     Kuandu Extravaganza, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
2005     China-Korea Modern Art Exhibition, Ho Hsian Ning Museum, Senjiun, China
2005     Ecology Earth Art 21, Museum of Modern Art, Saitama, Japan
2005     Pocheon Asian Art Festival, Pocheon, Korea
2005     Blocks Shifting, National Central University Art Center, Jongli, Taiwan
2005     World Calligraphy Biennale, Jeollabuk-do Art Center, Korea
2005     China-Korea Modern Art Exhibition, Sejong Museum, Seoul, Korea
2006     Silent Exile, Two Times Thirteen Gallery, New York City
2006     The Third Space: Chinese Text of Abstract Art; Shanghai Art Museum, Ningbo Art Museum; Beijing 798
             Art District, China
2007     Qi Yun, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal of the He Xiangning Art Museum; Beijing Art Now Gallery;
             Hong Kong Artist Commune
2007     World Calligraphy Biennale of Jeollabuk-Do, Sori Arts Center, Jeollabuk-Do, Korea
2008     Qi Yun, travelling exhibition, ChinaSquare, New York
2009     Contemporary Chinese Ink Paintings, Art Next Gallery, New York City
2009     Unbounded, ChinaSquare Gallery, New York City
2009     Wind from the South, The Contemporary Art of Taiwan, O Fine Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2009     Drawing of the World/World of Drawing, Museum of Art, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea 2010     Saemangeum Flag Art Festival 2010, April 27-May 6, Saemangeum, South Korea
2011     Taiwan 100 - Taiwan Contemporary Artists Group Exhibition, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Chung
             Shan National, Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan; National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taichung, Taiwan; Tainan
             Municipal Tainan Cultural, Center, Tainan, Taiwan
2011     SKY-2011 Asia Plate & Print Exhibition, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, Taiwan
2013     Chinese Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
2013     Majestic Island, The Development of Modern Art in Taiwan, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China;
             China Art Museum, Shanghai, China
2013     Culture • Mind • Becoming, La Biennale Di Venezia, Venice, Italy
2013     World Calligraphy Biennale, Jeollabuk-Do, Korea
2014     Hualien • New York • Paris, iP Art Gallery, Hualien, Taiwan
2016     First of all, respect your paper!, Red Gold Fine Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2016     1960-The Origin of Taiwan's Modern Art, Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

        All rights reserved. © Chihung Yang 2010